We are proud to announce the updated and refreshed version of the Mogilabs website. The website has historically been a playground to house code for various project ideas. Over the years, the website has evolved to become a communication tool to showcase our services offered, projects worked on, and a means to contact us.

The MOGI Philosophy

First Principles Thinking

Why? This question encompasses the fundamental approach we take when providing solutions. It's important to question assumptions about what we know and why we do things, especially when in the building mindset. With a balance of experience and first principles, we aim to solve problems in interesting ways.

Art of Play

Make no mistake that delivery is an ultimate goal in the business world, but we truly believe that those who engage in the "Art of Play" produce the best outcomes.

Website Stack

We love to get technical, so we thought we would share the tech stack the site refresh was built with:

  • The Backend

    • Google Cloud Platform

    • Google Firebase Hosting

  • The Frontend

    • Blog

      • Contentful

    • Site

      • Angular